8 Viral Ways To Exercise Your Brain To Improve Cognition

Doing something new and weird can make you smarter! Yes. Sometimes doing something completely opposite of what you generally do can challenge your brain to get better. These exercises should challenge all your senses- smell, touch, vision, hearing and taste. Such exercises are called ‘Neurobic’ exercises which are like aerobics for your brain. Don’t wait and try these simple and effective mini exercises fto become sharper & smarter.

#1 Use you non-dominant hand to brush your teeth

While we all use our dominant hand to do most of our daily chores, try something new this time. If you are a right-handed person, use your left hand to brush your teeth. This would challenge your brain.

#2 Read differently

Instead of reading silently, read aloud. If you are habitual of listening music on medium volume, raise the volume to maximum. This might sound absurd but your brain will react to it. Change your reading pattern to put both the sides of brain at work. Also, try to write with your non-dominant hand. Your handwriting might suck but it might make you smart!

#3 Keep your eyes closed while bathing

It is easy to do something with open eyes. Now, do something with close eyes. Reach out to your bathing essentials with closed eyes. This would enhance your tactile senses as then you’ll try to use other senses like touch to get the thing you want.

#4 Switch your seats at the dining table 

 Put familiar objects upside down
When you see somthing with your right-side up, your left side of the brain gets active. But when you see something with your left-side up, it will put your right brain at work. Puzzle your brain and your cognition will improve instantly.

#6 Eat food with unfamiliar taste

If you are a ‘sweets’ person, try something sour. Not just that, try different cuisine that you’ve never had before. Not only it will expose you to different food, it will better your memory and memorizing power.

#7 Play with coins

Well, we all have a box full of coins in our car or home. Use them for your brain exercise. Close your eyes and try to know the denominations just by feeling the coin. This would open up the neural pathways which would enhance your touch sense.

#8 Open the window of your car window

Hippocampus is the area of your brain is responsible for processing memories. Instead of sitting in the AC with windows shut, open the window and feel the air. Try to identify colors, sounds and smells. You will not only feel good but your brain would also become more active. Sometimes all you need is a connection with the nature.

Source: Star9ja.com