Pregnancy Diet: 6 Major Benefits Of Eating Spinach During Pregnancy To Mother And Child


During pregnancy, women need to take great care of eating for better health of themselves and the baby. It is a known fact that the child derives nutrition from the mother’s diet. During this period, it is common for expecting mothers to suffer anaemia. Apart from taking the required supplements and prenatal, spinach intake can help prevent iron deficiency anaemia. Following are some essential dietary benefits of including spinach in the diet of pregnant women. It is not just beneficial for the mother but the baby as well.


Prevents Anemia 

Spinach is the best source of folic acid and iron. There is a possibility of anaemia due to its deficiency in the body. Also, it is common for pregnant women to get several deficiencies during this time, anaemia being one of them. In this case, the iron-rich spinach diet is essential for women. Spinach intake helps in regulating the weight of the baby essentials for normal delivery. Ensure that you are washing and boiling the vegetable properly to get rid of dust and other harmful components commonly found in green leafy vegetables.

Helps Control Blood Sugar

If you are pregnant, you need to manage blood pressure regularly. High blood pressure during pregnancy can harm you and the baby to a great extent. Spinach contains nitrates, which can help keep blood pressure under control. Just one cup of this wonder vegetable makes up for 6 per cent of your daily magnesium intake. It also helps in preventing a dip in the magnesium levels in the body.


Prevents Folate Deficiency